Located in Nusa Penida, Klungkung which are made CASPLA Beach Club Bar is always crowded with visitors. Because the region is synonymous with beach life that seemed unending with many beautiful beaches as well as many new bars have sprung up with the concept of various kinds.

CASPLA Beach Club Bar itself carries the feel of 'Beach Club' with various trinkets nuanced Nusa Penida when you visit the hangout place. CASPLA Beach Club Bar has the advantage of a very economical price drinks and been able to reach all pockets of the travelers.
Some promo provided quite interesting from CASPLA Bali Beach Club Bar. CASPLA Bali Beach Club Bar is divided into three areas that it feels very homey at all compared with the bar in general. The area includes an indoor area, terrace and on the beach. You can choose which one if it were the most comfortable for you while enjoying a beer or cocktails there.

And if you ask which areas are the most convenient and least favorite answer is CASPLA area Bali Beach Club Bar. The location is very convenient and suitable for use as a place to hangout with your friends.